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About: Supremium Pre-roll Packs. All 100% Flower Never Shake Pre Rolls. Unbleached and Unrefined, Super Thin, filtered Cones. Each Pre Roll is 0.5 grams in size with 6 Cones per Pack. Net Weight 3 Grams. Supremium Pre Roll Packs come in Sleek, On the Go Press-N-Pull Packs (Child Resistant technology) for convenience and durability for the active, busy lifestyle on the go. Available in Many Strain selections.

Description/Review: Heres’s a personal review (Tanya J./Staff input) and description of the latest branded product by our friends at  It is a relief to see the CannaCollective group have taken a risk in creating a pre roll product which is 100% flower, no stale bottom, and uses high quality strains, with chic branding and packaging.

  • Convenience….. Not argument it just is.
  • Quality—- Hands Down the best quality strains, which tend to be AAA+
  • Budget…… Can we as consumers afford to pay this premium? Not most of us. But our staff feedback, believe Quality Pre Rolls have there place and time, it’s a product meant for specific situations and lifestyles, and do not need to be a regular purchase, but can be useful at times.
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