Supremium Pack – Girl Scout Cookie

Supremium Pack – Girl Scout Cookie

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About: Supremium Pre-roll Packs. All 100% Flower Never Shake Pre Rolls. Unbleached and Unrefined, Super Thin, filtered Cones. Each Pre Roll is 0.5 grams in size with 6 Cones per Pack. Net Weight 3 Grams. Supremium Pre Roll Packs come in Sleek, On the Go Press-N-Pull Packs (Child Resistant technology) for convenience and durability for the active, busy lifestyle on the go. Available in Many Strain selections.

Description/Review: Heres’s a personal review (Tanya J./Staff input) and description of the latest branded product by our friends at  It is a relief to see the CannaCollective group have taken a risk in creating a pre roll product which is 100% flower, no stale bottom, and uses high quality strains, with chic branding and packaging.

  • Convenience….. Not argument it just is.
  • Quality—- Hands Down the best quality strains, which tend to be AAA+
  • Budget…… Can we as consumers afford to pay this premium? Not most of us. But our staff feedback, believe Quality Pre Rolls have there place and time, it’s a product meant for specific situations and lifestyles, and do not need to be a regular purchase, but can be useful at times.
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All pictures are of the actual strain.

Many people think our cheap prices means that your going to get complete garbage, Not true. We are transparent as we can be for every strain we sell. We try to focus on quality, reflective to the price. Please read more here about our quality control here.



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