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This product was purchased from an established concentrate brand as a white label product, with permission to sell their Phoenix Tears in any fashion we want. We have chosen to keep it unbranded, and, simple so it’s more affordable to you. You are paying for the same quality Phoenix Tears concentrate at an affordable price here at Do Not Be Fooled !!!

Strength: Phoenix Tears is a very strong THC product, please read and take caution.

Ingredients: Each package has 1ml, with 650mg of THC in each syringe. Processed with alcohol. Has a recap to avoid leakage.

About: Phoenix Tears is a strong concentrate and it is recommended that first time users should start with pin tip drops until the dosage for an individual determined. Phoenix Tears can be taken sublingual, topically, and vaped. Great for insomnia and pain. Do not be fooled by fancy, expensive branding, and packaging. This product is sold all over Canada for twice the price in some places, and is the exact same product as it’s branded parent, the quality is comparable to any other Phoenix Tears products within the price range in the market today. We chose the cheapest option to buy bulk and then pass those savings onto our customers.

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