FAQ's For Shipping and Packages

We apologize but we have raised our FREE shipping policy to $200+ due to a rise on price for Courier Express overnight shipping. That being said we have also lowered the price of our flat rate optional shipping $15 during this transition to even out the rise in Free Shipping to $200+

General Shipping FAQ's

1. How long will it take to get my package? offers 2 options for delivery and we apologize for few hassles and confusions that some of you may have experienced.

Canada Post Xpress Post

1. Check this link HERE for Canada Post Xpress Post delivery time estimates.

Private Courier

1. We also offer the option to choose to pay for either Purolator or other faster courier service. Most of the time this is NEXT DAY delivery, however it is dependent on where you are located, but max times range from Next Day to 2 days, rarely but possible 3 days in bad weather. We have been offering it free to most customers as a trial period, but will eventually be implementing a shared cost model for those who like the service.

2. My package arrived but it's not what I ordered.

If you have opened your package and it is the incorrect products, we ask you to do a few things.

  1. Check your Invoice, the Invoice slip will have an order number and the list of items in the package. If this is the wrong order number from yours, we have indeed sent you the wrong package. You are in luck because we will not ask you to return the package, and you will be sent your correct package next business day.
  2. Please contact us immediately, we take photos of every order with their products, and invoice sheet to make sure we indeed make an error, you will be sent out any missing items the next business day. If we find that your claimed product is in our photo archive, unfortunately we will not be replacing your item.

3. I did not receive my package, what should I do?

If your Courier or Canada Post Xpress tracking number has stated that your package has been delivered and you have not got it, please contact us and we will work with you to try and track it down. Note that our policy states that if your tracking number has showed it’s been delivered we do not replace your parcel. However, as our customer service promise we will work with you as much as we can to find it. NOTE – Being rude, yelling, swearing, and threatening will not get you anywhere with us, and reserves the right to cease customer help, and to blacklist any users displaying this behavior. All of us are more inclined to reach a resolution if you are polite and nice. : )

4. I made a mistake in my shipping details.

We beg that you please double, triple, and even quadruple check your billing but especially your SHIPPING address. This also includes checking for an accurate email.

If you have made an error in your shipping details you must contact us immediately by phone, or email, if you do not act right away and your package is sent out we will not replace your package and it is up to you to try and track it down.

5. How is my product packaged?

We have changed our packing methods various times in order to get it the most efficient and discrete on both sides, us and the customer. Our flower is pre sealed in 1/8ths and ounces with vac packs first, this is the first layer of eliminating smell. We understand some of you prefer re-sealable bags, and you can always request empty ones in your notes and we will send them to you. Pre Vac sealing helps with the freshness instead of regular zip bags.

We then package your order into another larger Vacuum sealed package for 2 layers of sealed odorless protection. Lastly, we use a thin, non see through plastic package to conceal the contents just in the case that the outer shipping box or bubble rips during transit.

6. The tracking number in my email doesn't work.

If you did not receive a tracking number, or your tracking number does not work, contact us immediately and we will assist you the best we can. Go to our contact page or email us at

  1. If you did not receive a completed/shipped email please contact us to let us know.
  2. If you received the completed/shipped email without a tracking number please contact us and we will manually send it to you.
  3. Our tracking numbers can go out anywhere between 3:00-6:00pm (PST).

6. Shipping Policies

We apologize but we have raised our FREE shipping policy to $200+ due to a rise on price for Courier Express overnight shipping. That being said we have also lowered the price of our flat rate optional shipping $15 during this transition to even out the rise in Free Shipping to $200+

7. How do I request a signature for my package?

Now you have the option to select Free Signature or flat rate signature during checkout.

Tips For Protecting Your Package

For many people who use online MOM services you may have experienced, know someone, or just noticed in general a jump in the rate of delivery problems with Xpress Post. We have definitely noticed the amount of stolen, lost, and letters of seizure from Canada Post. Most online dispensaries that are experiencing these problems find it  hard to decide on a policy for missing parcels.

MOM’s like us who are smaller need to also consider the rate of scammers that are out there, believe me we have had some,  but we actually are working hard on always thinking and implementing ways to deter or catch these people.

Budcheap will be implementing a strict non replacement policy for Xpress Post mailers starting in September, I’ll explain why below. But we wanted to add this section for anyone who cares to read on how to prevent and minimize your chances of not receiving your package.

  1. We always suggest using Purolator (sometimes we switch to Fedex) option, the point is using these companies deliver your package faster period. This is the reason there is a premium to pay for fast delivery. We always send at least one of your packages via Courier just so you can see the difference.
  2. Do not leave instructions for the delivery person to leave it somewhere at your residents where people can access and possibly steal it. If you request instructions to us like this in your order and tracking has posted delivered status, budcheap will in no way replace your order. There are other ways to get your package when your not home.
  3. Use signature so that you are the one that needs to sign.

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