Our Refer A Friend Program is here.

Here you can find information and answers to questions you may have about our Refer A Friend. We apologize but we are still working on our FAQ section.

Here’s a Few FAQ’s

What is the best way to use and promote my referral link?

Good Question.

The Refer a Friend program is really what it means and it’s meant to be a simple, way to spread word of mouth if you happen to like us.

We suggest starting out by emailing close friends, relatives, co-workers, and people you know. Just copy the link and put it in your email and see what happens. In theory you could post the link anywhere, just be weary about some platforms that could ban you for posting cannabis related material

You can also take a step further and us your social media to reach out to strangers, or target an audience.

Will I earn more if my referral spends more?

Unfortunately at this moment NO, but we can tell you that what we are doing is reviewing this Refer a Friend program and we will be keeping track of all your referrals and their purchases. Once a referral is linked to your account it is linked for life. So as an EXAMPLE if we ever decide to add to a feature that will give you points based on what your referral has spent we can easily retroactively credit you for past purchases.

So don’t think it’s just $25 for a referral, that could turn into more earnings for you down the road.

I did not receive my BC Bucks for my referral, what should I do?

Budcheap customer support is always here to assist you, but before contacting us please make sure the following requirements were met:

  1. Confirm that your referral has Signed Up, guest purchases are not eligible, make sure your referral has reached the $150 spend requirement. Remember, if they spent less than $150 on their first order you will need to wait until they make future orders until they reach the minimum.
  2. Make sure they accessed the site through your referral link, if they haven’t, just contact us with their email, username, and first name.
  3. Confirm that your referral actually created an account, sometimes they forget to check the CREATE AN ACCOUNT box on their first order. Contact us if they forgot.

I'm Having trouble with getting started, can you assist me?

Yes of course we can, however, at this time we only offer email support and emails can sometimes be a challenge to walk customers through the entire process of something. We will be adding a chat support system for live support on things like this, so please be patient with email support for now.

What do I get for Referring Customers. 

1. Every new referral who signs up and spends a subtotal of $150 across any amount of orders (does not have to be in 1 order) you will be credited $25 BC Bucks. In addition you could earn an additional $125 in BC Bucks for every 5 successful referrals. The $125 BC Bucks credits will not be applied to your account until we have audited all your referral accounts. All other Referral Points are credited automatically.

2. We will be adding more rewards that will be retroactive to your past referrals made from the start of this new referral program.


Changes to our referral rewards.

1. We are no longer using coupons to reward credits, you will be credited with BC Bucks when the requirements are met. Your referral must spend $150 on BudCheap.ca before any discounts, taxes, and shipping over as many orders it takes, it does not have to be on a single order.

2. The rewards points you will earn is $25 BC Bucks when your referral reaches their $150 in purchases. We will be adding additional ways for you and your referral to earn points so please be patient as we work these details out. DO NOT WORRY every referral is attached to your account and will be retroactive if the conditions apply.

3. There will be no product exclusions and limitations for your BC Bucks Rewards unlike our old coupon rewards which restricted you to certain products.

4. You will now be able to manage all your referral information right from your My Account Dashboard here


Terms and Conditions for the Refer A Friend Program. 

1. No need to sign up, you are automatically enrolled in our Refer a Friend Program. You have the option to remove yourself if you wish by simply unchecking the removal box in your My Account Dashboard here.


3. No need to contact us for points, once your referral meets the requirements your account will be credited with your rewards.

4. You have no limitations on the number of referrals.

6. Budcheap.ca reserves the right to ban, refund, and blacklist any accounts for any reason.

7. Budcheap.ca reserves the right to change the terms in the rewards program at anytime without notice.

8. Budcheap.ca reserves the right to remove the rewards program at anytime without notice.

9. Budcheap.ca reserves the right to expire credits/points at anytime without notice.

10. Your referral must spend a sub total of $150 in total over as many orders it takes in order to be credited.

11. Any users caught creating multiple accounts or abusing the program in any way will be completely banned from the program, and we reserve the right to terminate any users account.

12. BC Bucks have no monetary value.

13. You must be a Registered member in order to be apart of the program.

14. Guest Referrals that purchase are not eligible in the program.

15, By being apart of the program you automatically agree to the terms and services.

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