BC Bucks Rewards

We Have added some extra ways to earn BC Bucks. Learn how to earn more below.

1. Every new sign up gets 25 BC Bucks, so you already start ahead. *we have security measures described below on users who intend to abuse our reward system.

2. Spend and earn, we don’t disguise ridiculous points system that make you think you earn more than you actually have in value. It’s simple, every $50 you spend in your cart subtotal earns you 1 BC Buck worth $1.

3. COMING SOON. We want to start giving loyalty members a small Birthday Gift in BC Bucks rewards on your Birthday. Budcheap.ca will give you BC Bucks on your Birthday. Note that you must have completed 3 orders, 3 months prior to your Birthday in order to be eligible. There will be terms and and conditions.

4. Refer a friend is now another way you can earn BC Bucks please see details here.

5. For any refunds or credits we are more than happy to credit your account with BC Bucks if that is something you choose.

Our Rewards program is simple all you need to do is register with us and you are ready to start earning BC Bucks. For every $50 you spend on the site you will receive 1 BC Buck worth $1. For every new member that signs up, Budcheap will immediately credit you with $25 BC Bucks worth $25. If you haven’t figured it out 1 BC Buck is equal to $1. For Guest checkout customers we will NOT be able to add you to the rewards program. 

Terms and Conditions of the BC Bucks Rewards Program:

1. Budcheap reserves the right to change, remove, adjust any of the terms and conditions of the BC Bucks Rewards Program at any time without notice.

2. BC Bucks have no monetary value and can only be used to purchase products at Budcheap.ca

3. Budcheap.ca will give all members 30 days notice before any expiry, removal, or change of members points.

4. Budcheap.ca reserves the right to limit any products from applying BC Bucks to.

5. You are not able to combine coupons with BC Bucks on an order. Only one discount will be applied to your order.

6. FREE Shipping and Subtotal balances will apply normally to orders that use BC Bucks. EXAMPLE: if your subtotal is $250 and you have applied 50 BC Bucks you will still get FREE Shipping and earn BC Bucks on the balance of your sub-total.

7. Creating multiple accounts to get more BC Bucks is a definite thing anyone can do. We currently have ways to prevent, and detect if a single owner has multiple accounts. First off we think it’s a lot of effort to create a vast number of accounts, in which case our scripts would detect this anyways, and you would need a lot of accessible addresses to receive your package. Hey, if you do have access to lots of addresses, we’ll just say go ahead create your accounts.

We will be adding a new condition that all members billing addresses will be defaulted as their shipping address. If you have a special case where you need to have a different address to ship to please contact us and we will be more than happy to accommodate you. Any members caught or suspected abusing the rewards program in any form will have all their current BC Bucks removed and will be banned permanently from earning any future BC Bucks, and may be subject to removal of membership.

6. We use IP address detection, duplicate address detection, and other server side programming scripts to detect multiple accounts created by the same individuals. We use these functions to investigate and to determine any suspected abuse of creating users creating multiple accounts.

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